Rhapsody Art Trail


RHAPSODY is a free app providing a walking tour of artwork in the hospital accompanied by music. It has been designed based on the growing body of research that looks at the way different types of music can impact on health, seeking to improve both patient experience and clinical outcomes.

Bringing together compositions from 14 musicians, the app takes users on an innovative audio art trail whereby patients listen to newly-composed, relaxing pieces of music whilst enjoying the hospital’s art collection.

Download the app today: Apple http://goo.gl/JuBUfr | Android http://goo.gl/X7TQ5e


In April 2013 we launched a national search for 15 emerging composers to create brand new music inspired by some of the artworks in our permanent collection. Drawing on research about the health benefits of different styles and genres of music, these pieces were composed specifically to suit patients in the hospital.

Out of over 250 applications, the 15 successful composers were Chloe Louise Potter, Amal Lad, Joseph Currie, Mika Sawai, Juan Carlos Vasquez, Daniel Andreas Baboulene, Marcos Fernandez, Nick Pike, Soosan Lalavar, Katie Chatburn, Charlotte Harding, Chris Williams, Isaac Ssebandeke, Chris Roe, Tomas Challenger.

The composers were mentored through the process by William Mival, head of composition at the Royal College of Music, and their final works were reviewed by our composing ambassador, the international award-winning composer Eric Whitacre.

Once composed, the pieces were recorded by musicians at the Royal College of Music and uploaded onto CDs for long-stay patients, as well as audio guides that lead patients on trails through the artwork in the hospital. We teamed up with technology company Imagineear who have designed interactive touch-screen audio guides involving maps, photos of the artwork and music to provide an innovative patient experience.

Click here to read the latest press release. For more information, contact daisy.fancourt@chelwest.nhs.uk

We are grateful for the support of Imagineear in the delivery of this project. This project is sponsored by Arts Council England.


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